Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another competition for you

I haven't succeeded in attracting much attention to this 'spot my film references' challenge yet (a supplement to the 'Suggest an amusing name for a rock band' game, which I originally put in one of the comments to that post)....... so, I'll see if I have any more luck establishing it here in a post of its own.

These were originally some of my example suggestions for the possible band names competition, but every one of these doozies is also a reference to a favourite film; if you can spot them all, drop me an e-mail or leave me a note in the comments here to claim your very special prize.

1) Very Excellent Barbarian

2) Some Place Like Bolivia

3) Bullet Festival

4) Charlie's Point

5) Talking To A Corpse

6) Born Ready

7) A Trick With Sand

8) Macho Bullshit

9) Zed's Dead

10) Fuhrer Of The Beach

11) Aiming For The Horse

12) Greed is Good

13) Life Of The Mind

14) Big Man Out Of Shape

15) Nobody's Perfect

16) Napalm In The Morning

17) Top Of The World

18) Print The Legend

19) Klaatu Verata Niktu

20) Offer You Can't Refuse

21) Rodents Of Unusual Size

22) No Gold In Aqabar

23) Not The Third Switch

24) Full of Stars

25) Thumbs Gone Weird

26) Chocolate Squirrel

27) Purity Of Essence

28) Dereks Don't Run

Don't forget - there is a prize.

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