Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My new hero

While doing some research this afternoon on national drinking habits (for work, honestly!), I happened to turn up this story on the Malaysian Pen-Tailed Tree Shrew (Ptilocercus Iowii).  It seems it was all over the worldwide media around the end of July 2008, but it passed me by somehow (I was probably a bit distracted by all the Beijing Olympics brouhaha).  Apparently, this little critter lives exclusively on nectar from the buds of the bertam palm - but this stuff naturally ferments, attaining an alcoholic content of up to 3.8% ("one of the highest alcohol concentrations ever recorded in a natural food"), comparable to what we'd call a 'light beer' in the West, and a smidge stronger than most of the local beers here in China.  And despite guzzling continuously for hours at a time, and clocking up blood alcohol percentages that would have most of us talking to God on the Big White Telephone.... this tiny tough-guy mysteriously shows "no sign of intoxication".

Respect, little fella.

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Gary said...

No way! I am putting this little critter on a t-shirt!