Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recommended Posts, April-June 2008

Guided Tour - recommended posts
from the 2nd Quarter of '08

1) And.... they're off! - 3rd April

One of my most inspired pieces of frivolity: my options for the evening's entertainment depicted as a horse race.

2) Why we drink??? - 7th April

A terrifyingly good quotation from Charles Bukowski.

3) The Plan evolves... - 9th April

Arch-commenter 'Tulsa' goads me into a further elaboration of my infamous Plan for improving my love life.

4) The 'lost' haiku (HBH 24!!) - 16th April

An 'extra' haiku in mid-week, prompted by my belated discovery that I had somehow missed No. 24 out of the series.

5) HBH 76 - 18th April

A haiku celebrating a particularly good - particularly damaging - evening of excess with Jack Daniel's.

6) More mordant txt msg humour - 19th April

I rediscover text message still stored on my phone from 15 months previously: one of my funniest, one of my darkest.

7) More wisdom of the txts - 21st April

A gal pal and I discourse on the mystery of love via SMS.

8) This week's party excuse - 22nd April

My friend DD and I plan a party from scratch during a 10-minute cab ride.

9) The surrogate drinker - 25th April

The Man In Black suggests "I drink, so you don't have to" as the new tag-line for my blog.

10) The weekly bon mot - 28th April

Some wise words from Dr Johnson prompt a little aside from me on the quaint Chinese inability to distinguish between different varieties of alcoholic beverage.

11) A small green thing...... - 29th April

I have a less-than-ideal eating experience at my favourite Xinjiang restaurant.

12) The curse of 'three' - 1st May

Fate taunts me once again in regard to my 'love life'!

13) The Last Table - 4th May

Recollections of the epic drinking that occurred at a Chinese wedding I went to over the May Holiday (along with fellow Pool Bar regular, Crazy Chris).

14) Note to self - 8th May

Will I never learn??

15) Sudden outbreaks of piety - 10th May

Some anecdotes of my struggles with a dodgy knee cartilage (I am sometimes mistaken for a devout Muslim when I kneel on the floor, rocking to and fro and muttering, as I try to pop it back into place).

16) Chinese football fans - 15th May

Having to suffer the company of a horde of Chinese "Manchester United fans" on the final Saturday of the Premiership season brings out the curmudgeon in me - how could it not?

17) The graveyard of good (cultural) intentions - 19th May

I analyse why I didn't actually get to go to any of the concerts I had been planning to see this past weekend - and conclude that it is largely because I have been drinking too much at Room 101 and the Pool Bar!

18) In search of.... the Yanjing Brewery - 21st January

Finally - after 5 years! - I make my long-planned pilgrimage to the factory (lots of photos!) where they manufacture most of the beer that I drink.

19) Gobsmack Double Whammy - 26th May

Two more mind-blowing recent examples of awful service in Chinese bars.

20) The Great Chuanr Crawl - 27th May

'The Lads' and I take on 4 or 5 different yangrou chuanr venues in a single night - the beginning of a Great Quest to find The Best Xinjiang Restaurant In The Neighbourhood.

21) HBH 82 - 30th May

Recollections of a bracing evening meal, consumed outside, in the midst of a violent windstorm.

22) Redemption (2)??? - 31st May

Last night's brilliant Ian Sherman Benefit Gig makes me wonder if the previously dreadful D-22 has finally become a decent music venue - and a decent bar - after all. The jury is still out on that.

23) Weekly bon mot - 2nd June

One of my own, this time.

24) Kolegas birthday gig photos - 3rd June

Some pictures from the awesome 3rd Anniversary concert at favourite music bar, 2 Kolegas, the previous weekend.

25) Bon mot of the week (Wisecrack of the week?) - 9th June

A great line from one of the great films about bars.

26) Man-Eating Sofa 2, Euro Football 0 - 10th June

A very short post, but it became the discussion forum on the European Football Championships - one of my busiest threads ever!

27) Marjorie Daw - 29th June

I enlist the help of eccentric barhound, Crazy Chris, to chat up a woman on my behalf. This is a mistake.

28) Bon mot of the week - 30th June

Bukowski again - this time via the Mickey Rourke film, Barfly.

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