Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Guided Tour - recommended posts from the 'early days'

Gosh, this proved rather harder to whittle down than the similar list I culled from the early months of Froogville a couple of weeks back (though - by pure concidence - I once again seem to have come up with the "well-omened" total of 28). Despite being (still) the less-frequented of my two blogs, I really do feel there's a lot of quality on here.

I hope readers - new and old - will take the time to explore these recommendations and let me know what you think.

Pick of the Archive: Favourite Posts, Sept. - Dec. '06

1) The Worthy Opponent - 31st December

An appreciation of my best buddy in China, Tony "The Chairman", and his uncanny pool-playing skills

2) Zen & the Art of Playing Pool - 28th December

My fascination with the world's greatest indoor game

3) A GREAT gig - 28th December

The first of many posts about one of my favourite bars in my area of Beijing; and a description of probably the best gig I have seen in Beijing

4) In praise of drunks - 24th December

A superb quotation from 'unsuitable role model' Shane MacGowan: this might well be my motto in life, or a manifesto for this blog

5) Another Jamaican moment - 20th December

My favourite of a series of anecdotes about a trip to Jamaica, long ago

6) The Black Swan - 17th December

Fond recollections of a period living in Oxford in the early '90s - and of a pub that for a while came very close to being perfect

7) The Vomit People - 13th December

My favourite story from University days; not as distasteful as the title makes it sound!

8) Footprints in the butter - 13th December

Musings on my first 'drive-by' commenter..... and on the purpose and prospects of the blog in general

9) Late night frivol - 12th December

There is rather less of my poetry over here than on brother-blog Froogville; but this, I think, is one of my more successful pieces.

10) The Sanity Clause - 10th December

In which I play Santa Claus for the first time - and complain bitterly about how old it makes me feel!

11) Giving Bukowski his due - 29th November

The full text of my favourite Charles Bukowski poem, 'beer' (previously quoted only briefly)

12) Zelig - 22nd November

Some autobiographical reflections - and a refusal to be categorised

13) Haiku Bar haiku 5 - 22nd November

Probably my favourite to date in this weekly series of short poems

14) An Oxford man - 20th November

A great put-down from one of my e-mail correspondents

15) Certain Substances - 29th November

Confessing my occasional fondness for ganja

16) A Party for Two - 19th November

My wildest party ever

15) More on... The Otway Experience - 12th November

An attempt to describe the unique phenomenon that is cult hero, pub rocker extraordinaire, John Otway

16) The Planet of Beautiful Women - 6th November

In which my head is turned rather too easily....

17) Through a glass, snarkily.... - 4th November

Just a photograph, but one I am particularly fond of

18) We are sailing, we are sailing.... - 2nd November

Key Beijing drinking institution 'The Yacht Club' explained, for those not fortunate enough to be 'members'

19) Another great 'Hagar' moment - 17th October

A favourite cartoon joke recounted (see also the preceding post: A cartoon unsuitable role model)

20) A slightly blurry recollection of Crete - 12th October

Perhaps the best of a series of anecdotes about a school trip to Crete in the early '90s

21) Jeffrey Dahmer Time - 8th October

On the importance of knowing when to quit

22) More from Jeff - 6th October

Some favourite bon mots from No. 1 Unsuitable Role Model, Jeffrey Bernard (and for brief snapshots of my two meetings with him, see this: Another unsuitable role model)

23) The Koryo Hotel - 2nd October

On why it's not a good idea to fall for North Korean girls

24) Waitsiana - 30th September

A very early poetic effort: a homage to Tom Waits

25) Two Kinds Of Drunk - 28th September

A crucial post on the raison d'être of the blog
[I should probably try to put it in the sidebar one day]

26) The Wedding To End All Weddings - 25th September

In which my notorious 'partner in crime' The Bookseller is first introduced to my blog readers, and my current fatness is explained

27) The Time Warp - 18th September

I learn the perils of 'going home'.... and of fancying barmaids

28) Down to the 'Doctors' - 17th September

Festival time in Edinburgh, a convenient drinking station.... and a painful coincidence



tulsa, just for you. I know this dosen't count cos I still haven't read the posts, but I was here first.

Anonymous said...

lol! you're right, that doesn't count! and for a whopper post like this, c'mon, you gotta give feedback!

which of the 28 was your favorite???

Anonymous said...

20. A Slightly Blurry Recollection of Crete -

This might be the one that "hooked" me to your blogs back in December or January.

I fall of my chair laughing everytime I read it.

Earthling... definitely check it out!