Monday, December 03, 2007

Recommended Posts, July-September 2007

Guided Tour - recommended posts from the 3rd quarter of '07

1) Two bon mots for the price of one - 10th September

I always try to give value!

2) A bon mot on drinking & gambling - 3rd September

An interesting observation on nights of drunken excess from Jim Morrison of The Doors.

3) Lingering enmity - 1st September

A brief comment on my least favourite bar in Beijing.

4) PWG - 31st August

I create a new acronym: convenient shorthand for the late-afternoon rallying call to gather for restorative drinks - let's go for a Post-Work Gargle!

5) HBH 43: A sidewalk barbecue stall in west China - 31st August

One of the most popular of my recent haiku - inspired by a work trip to Szechuan.

6) More Chinglish fun - 30th August

Some amusing, disturbing manglings of English observed on a recent business trip.

7) "Jello Biafra cut my hair" - 22nd August

My favourite line from this year's trip to the Edinburgh Festival.

8) All-night cellar bar - 19th August

The highlight of this year's Edinburgh experience occurs in a bar I don't even know the name of! (Also celebrated in this haiku.)

9) Edinburgh Fringe reviews - 12th August

My round-up of the best shows I saw on The Fringe this summer.

10) Midnight - 25th July

Remembering Beijing's best - sadly short-lived - cocktail bar, and one particular evening I spent there with a Great Lost Love.

11) The Wasteland - 24th July

A tearful farewell (with pictures) to Beijing's most characterful trio of bars (written up in more detail here) - all marked for demolition to make way for a disgusting new mega-mall.

12) & 13) How not to run a bar & How not to run a bar (2) - 23rd July

Two astounding examples of rudeness and shoddy management from foreign-owned bars in Beijing.

14) The Devil's Triangle - 22nd July

Remembering my favourite trio of Beijing bars.

15) Unique Selling Point - 19th July

Adding formaldehyde to beer is so common in China that its absence can become a focus of advertising - alarming, but true!

16) Unhelpful - 10th July

Two more micro-anecdotes about my Oxford student days, featuring the unlikely hero of my blog - The Bookseller.

17) Bar Crazy - 8th July

On a business trip to Xi'an, I discover a street with 27 bars in the space of a quarter of a mile. Ah, China....

18) Unlucky 13 - 7th July

An unfortunate altercation relegates one of my former favourite bars to the 'Hate List'.


The British Cowboy said...

Here, have a comment, just to prove you still have readers over on this side of the blog world.

Froog said...

Ah, tokenism! Thank you, Cowboy.

I hope Delaware isn't currently hosting Porntasia 2007 - otherwise you might be a little off your game in the courtroom this week.

I hope you give the other guy a good (intellectual) kicking. I look forward to reports. Any idea how long it will run?

The British Cowboy said...

Well Delaware Federal Court is very strict about deadlines. So the latest it can finish (unless the jury takes a logn time) is Friday afternoon - 10 days or so from now.

There may be some comments, but it is going to be a while.

In one of those wonderful quirks of fate, my dear friend from law school is getting married on the day after I finish trial, in Baltimore, which of course is on the way home. When I told her that was the timing, she pondered allowed whether it would be fair to warn the bar staff and maybe pay extra on the open bar.