Thursday, April 03, 2008

And.... they're off!

Quiet Evening In moving into the lead now, Quiet Evening In starting to pull away from the pack.

The rest of the runners are still bunched up, nothing much to choose between them - except for Poker School who, of course, got left at the starting gate today.

Cheap Eats At The Muslim is the best of the rest at the moment. Then its Late Night At Jianghu, Cultural Outing and Fancy Restaurant. Avalanche Of Shooters still looking dangerously strong just behind them - this one often takes us by surprise, seems to go best on a Wednesday or a Thursday.

Behind them it's Pool Bar and Noisy Rock Gig, both looking a little sluggish today. They've each had a great run of results just lately, but you have to feel perhaps they've been over-raced.

Bringing up the rear it's Pick-Up Joint: didn't get off to a very good start, and now starting to lose touch with the others.

Approaching the final furlong now, and Quiet Evening In appears to be fading. Never likes to have to make all the running from the start, and it's starting to take its toll now. Cheap Eats At The Muslim is going to overhaul her soon. But Cultural Outing and Fancy Restaurant are both looking very fresh, perhaps benefitting from having been rested for a couple of weeks; they're now coming on very strongly at the finish. Cheap Eats At The Muslim has the lead now, but Cultural Outing is right behind..... and Fancy Restaurant is making a tremendous surge down the outside.

Oh, oh dear, Cultural Outing seems to have a problem: Cultural Outing has thrown a shoe and has been pulled up. It's Fancy Restaurant and Cheap Eats At The Muslim fighting for the lead now. Cheap Eats still has it by a neck, but Fancy Restaurant is coming on strongly.

But wait - Late Night At Jianghu is suddenly making a storming run on the rails. Got boxed in at the back there for a while, but has suddenly come through from nowhere and is rapidly gaining ground in 3rd. Then it's Pool Bar in 4th; Avalanche Of Shooters still hanging in there in 5th. Quiet Evening In now 6th and still going backwards. Then it's Pick-Up Joint from Noisy Rock Gig bringing up the rear, both looking rather out of touch now.

And as they enter the home straight I think Fancy Restaurant has got a nose in front, but Cheap Eats At The Muslim refuses to be beaten...... and Late Night At Jianghu is finishing very strongly indeed, nearly drawing level with them now. It's a thrilling finish, it could be anybody's race, and as they come to the line the winner is............

Well, in my world - it could be all three of them. Decisions, decisions.


Tulsa said...

I'm flattered that you think my feminine charms might be powerful enough to alter the course of upscale-aspiring TX. Will see what can be done.

You were missed last night, my friend. The Chinese customers packed the place. D & N played a particularly fun couple sets. Writer Ben made an appearance. And I enjoyed a new off-menu drink.

Tulsa said...

p.s. this post is so silly it's great. I love it.

Froog said...

It's nice to be missed.

Much better, really,than showing up and not being appreciated.

Rather odd result yesterday: all runners disqualified, except for Quiet Night In.

But of course, I stage this race every day.

Froog said...

Tonight's race is going to be much easier to call.

First will be Fancy Date, followed by Special Event and Ill-Advised Nightcap.

If only I could find someone to take a bet for me......

Froog said...

Ooops, spoke too soon! I never did have much luck with betting.

Fancy Date was withdrawn at the last minute. I guess that leaves Happy Hour a clear run.

I hope nobody's nobbled Special Event as well.... otherwise Liver Damage, Up Till Dawn and Weekend-Long Hangover could make the running.

Oh dear.

Tulsa said...

Ah, see, you should have bet on Dinner with Friends... Fancy Date is sooo unpredictable. But at least Special Event pulled through.