Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Plan evolves...

Tulsa told me the other day that she thought perhaps she had met The Plan.

Silly Tulsa! How can you 'meet' The Plan?? The Plan is abstract, not concrete; an idea, not a person. Heck, it is so wilfully imprecise, so infinitely flexible that it does not even amount to a definite series of projected actions - it is more an attitude of mind. Or perhaps a 'mission statement'.... and we all know how nebulous and worthless those are!

It is a general strategy for attempting to revive my long dormant, long thwarted love life. Now, yes, it does centre around certain people, the likeliest (I wish!) candidates for possible romance, my current loci of lust. And there is one in particular, who I suppose we might designate as 'Target A'. I am pretty heavily smitten with 'Target A' - but, habitually pessimistic of my chances, I am allowing myself to contemplate possible contingency options: Targets 'B' and 'C'.

There is no way Tulsa could possibly know - or even guess - who any of these ladies is. Darn it, I scarcely know them myself. In fact, in the case of one of them, I do not know her at all, have never yet spoken to her, do not even know her name (although I think I do know one of her friends, and am wondering how to get an introduction via her). In the second case, I have known her by sight for at least a couple of years, but have never got up the courage to say more than an occasional bashful 'hi' to her. And in the third case - well, damn, superficially the most promising prospect, I suppose: I've met her 3 times, have acquired her name, and have even given her my phone number (uncommonly pushy of me); I did not, alas, get her phone number (I'm not that pushy), and she has not yet used my contact details to pass on hers, as she promised she would; so, probably not really very promising, after all.

Perhaps I need further backups, Targets 'D', 'E', and 'F'.

I am hoping Tulsa has secured contact details for this lady she met who she thought had Froog appeal. I think I need as many people pimping for me as possible. Anyone else care to assist???


Tulsa said...

Oh dear, after a post like that, I'm not sure I can ever reveal the details of the lovely lady in question.

Perhaps we'll just wait it out, twirling thumbs, pointedly looking away from Froog's curious questioning eyes, and sing "do dee do dee do".

Well, anyways, I do admit to the sms claiming to have met the Plan. I still claim that I did so. It is not that I "thought" I did so. And as you've just explained, the definition of the Plan can very well include my chance encounter, without discluding all these Targets.

And, dear, it is spring, with summer shortly to follow (I can't wait for Stone Boat to start their music thing). I can't walk outside 2 steps without running into someone I know. I'm bound to run into multiple Plans in the space of a week, if I could find the time to walk about outside more often than at present.

Froog said...

Enough evasion. One 'Plan' girl is (more than) enough. Who was she, where did you meet her, what 'Plan'-ness did she have about her??