Saturday, April 26, 2008

The surrogate drinker

Yesterday was the first work-free day I've had in quite a while. It thus became a necessary day of recovery after - as I put it to one friend yesterday evening - "having my 'weekend' in mid-week", staying out till 3am or 4am for three nights in succession.

I had been full of good intentions of using my free day to get out to the Dashanzi art zone (I knew a couple of people contributing to the TimeOut 'Affordable Art Fair', which was opening that day). I had planned to get there early (the show was set to open at 11.30am, and I'm told that last year almost everything sold within the first few minutes - mostly to rapacious Chinese restauranteurs who were buying by the square metre to furnish the walls of their pretentious establishments); not that I had any serious thoughts of buying anything myself, but, you know, it would have been nice to at least have had the opportunity to do so. And Dashanzi's a great place to fritter away a whole day - with numerous galleries and studios..... and quirky boutiques...... and nice little restaurants and coffee shops...... and bars.

However, after yet another very late night on Thursday (a farewell session for a rather nice German girl who occasionally hung out in the Pool Bar), I slept in until well past noon...... pottered around on the Internet for a couple of hours...... still felt exhausted, so crawled back into bed for an extended afternoon nap...... and only properly got up at around 5pm. Crawling through rush-hour traffic to the early evening opening reception for the TimeOut show, I diverted myself by sending text messages to a few people, guiltily confessing (bragging?) my shockingly indolent day.

One friend observed tauntingly: "Sloth is one of the best of the deadly sins, isn't it?"

"Yes," I agreed, "and an oddly 'virtuous' one, since it prevents you from practising any of the others!" That, I think, is what my NLP friends would call a "positive re-frame".

The Man In Black (who is, unaccountably, experimenting with teetotalism at the moment) responded more simply: "You're my hero!"

"I drink so you don't have to," I replied (in emulation of the great tagline of my eccentric blog-buddy Tolstoy).

To which MIB said, "That should be your new blog motto."

Yes, perhaps. But I kind of like the banner we have at the moment - it's served us well for 18 months now.

Sometimes I fret that I live too much of my life these days in text messages........

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