Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Introduction

Every bar is a memory.

And all the memories huddle together for company, so that in my mind it often seems as though every bar I've ever been in is on the same street, or at least in the same neighbourhood; every great drinking session I fondly recall happened on one night, or over the course of one weekend; and everyone I've ever drunk with fuses into a single person, the idealised Drinking Companion.

Sometimes it seems to me also that the melancholy that infuses so many of these memories had but a single cause, an idealised Lost Love.

Some of these memories I will now try to share with the enormous, faceless, blog-munching world at large.

These, then, are the mental voyages of the boozehound Froog; his many-year mission to seek out new drinks and new places to drink them in, to write The Meaning Of Life on a napkin.... and not lose it on the way home.

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