Friday, March 21, 2008

HBH 72

A neighbourhood bar,
But music from far away
- Transports us there too.

Yes, our favourite little "Uyghur jazz" group, Panjir, have begun a new Thursday night residency at one of my 'locals', Jiangjinjiu. It's only 15 minutes from my apartment, but I feel as if I've walked all the way from Turkey - strange!


Tulsa said...

D-jaan and friends inspired a whole slew of haikus from me. I left them in your haiku comment thread before realizing you'd posted about it here.

I'd try to link to that comment thread, but with blogger issues abounding, I think I'll keep it simple.

Let see if this works:

Froog said...

D-jaan?! Is that what you're calling the ginger strummer now?

How late did you stay?

I was getting drowsy in 3J, but as soon as I got home I felt wide awake again..... and stayed up for another hour and a half noodling around the Internet (sparring with that funny Chinese guy on J's blog, mostly!).

Stamina not looking good for The Big Push this evening!!

Tulsa said...

Stayed till the end of the 2nd set, but then scooted out rather quickly. didn't even say a proper goodbye to the boys.

Then, I too, meandered around the internet at home for an hour and a half to two hours before crawling into bed with a book and reading for 2 more hours. And I woke up bright and early today.


My fun Friday night is not looking so hot right now. All I want is bed! But, alas, plans made, people waiting, must re-energize.

Good luck pushing your energy through tonight! Wish you luck!