Sunday, March 23, 2008


After 5 straight days of unbelievably intense air pollution, the skies finally cleared today, giving us a dazzling day of Spring sunshine for Easter Sunday.

I enjoyed a lazy lunch with my friend H in Fish Nation on Nanluoguxiang, making the most of the fine weather on the rooftop patio.

Unfortunately, a girl in the party on the table next to us suddenly came over all unwell, and threw up copiously, very close to the head of the stairs. Her apologetic companions took her home, and explained that she had probably wildly overindulged on Easter eggs earlier that morning. The vomit did indeed look remarkably like chocolate milkshake (with just a sprinkling of the inevitable diced vegetables).

Even more unfortunately, it was nearly 40 minutes before a member of staff came upstairs to clean it up - during which time two or three later arrivals inadvertently stepped in it.

And when a waiter did finally appear to take on the unpleasant task of cleaning up this mess....... well, his technique was to dump two buckets of water over it, thus unleashing a tiny tsunami of dilute choccy-vom to seep over the entire patio.

We left. We happened to bump into The Choirboy and his girlfriend just arriving. When they heard the news, they promptly left as well. Just before the muddy, foul-smelling wave started dripping down the stairs, I imagine.

Now, I like Fish Nation, I really do - I like the decor, the location, the food. But the service is just abysmal. Since my friend 'Kobe' left the place a couple of years ago, all the staff they've had there have been somewhere beyond obtuse. Dear oh dear oh dear.

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