Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Planet of Beautiful Women attacks again!

My expectations of brain-wrecking alcohol consumption on Friday were not entirely disappointed.

I had been planning on a meditative 6-mile walk home and then a sensibly early night, but.... the atmosphere was horribly dusty that evening, and I grew desperate for a restorative drink to slake my parched throat. I decided to look in at what has recently become one of the most regular of my local haunts, Room 101, and began busily text-messaging friends to see if anyone fancied joining me. By chance, several of them had been having dinner nearby, and rolled up half an hour after I arrived. And, in a further outbreak of serendipity, I happened to bump into another friend on the street who tipped me off that one of my guitarist buddies was debuting there with his new jazz group that night. I arrived just in time for that.

A fine night suddenly evolved out of nothing; and 'just the one' became a 4-and-a-half hour session.

I do worry, though, that 101 is becoming a threat to my mental health, a challenge to my avowed asexualism. On the evidence of that night, it may be starting to outstrip The Library Bar as a magnet for beautiful women. My Gorgeousness Geiger Counter was off the scale. Oh dear!


Tulsa said...

you wouldn't believe the sedate life I'm living in The City That Never Sleeps... esp compared to what 101 has to offer.

But then, I could partake in all sorts of craziness in the Big Apple and still not match up to our life in the Jing.

I want to be there to hear that band and see you go ga-ga over those gorgeous-gals...

I don't suppose you did anything like buy one of them a drink or asked one to dance. I fully suspect you spent the evening neglecting all your text-summoned friends, chatting up the gorgeous gals with your charm and exchanging mobile numbers within 5 minutes of saying hellow.

Froog said...

No, no, I hung with my friends, and studiously ignored all the gorgeousness.

A very tricky milieu anyway, what with there being some-history here and no-future there.....