Sunday, April 13, 2008


"It's not quite breakfast and it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would at breakfast, but you do get a good meal."

I am still not convinced about the concept. Maybe the cantaloupe was not quite up to scratch. At least the company made up for it.


The British Cowboy said...

Is it sad I knew the episode immediately?

And on that point, in tonight's episode, Moe asks the new waitress (Lolene Lumpkin, the country singer Homer managed) to "clean the vomit out of the pool table pockets."

Froog said...

Not so sad - it is a classic. And I've seen most of those early ones at least 10 times (for a long time, the Beeb only had the rights to the first few seasons, and would recycle them endlessly). Is it Season 1??

Did Jacques ever appear again? I don't think so. Pity!

"My head says 'No', but my hips say 'Proceed!'"

Has Lurlene really sunk so low?

And Moe's currently has a pool table? What about shuffleboard??

The British Cowboy said...

The pool table was invisible. But it was mentioned.

Lurlene went out of style, and owed Springfield $12 million in back taxes, which she had to pay at $100 a month. Marge reunited her with her father, and Lurlene wrote him a song, which he stole and sold to the Dixie Chicks. Lurlene ends up on tour as the opening band for the Dixie Chicks. Weak episode generally.

And Jacques has never been seen again. One of the most amusing things I have seen was a letter to Dear Abby (A US syndicated problem page) from a woman which 100% followed the plot of the episode. She of course did not recognize it as a joke and replied in all seriousness.