Monday, April 07, 2008

March Band Name winners

A slack month for this contest, last month. Nearly dead, in fact.

I hope the great Possible Band Name challenge hasn't run its course already. It's looking as though I need to do something drastic to draw in more readers......

However, despite the recent lull, we did still have a couple of particularly fine contributions from the 'regulars', Snopes and Gary.

Even with so comparatively few suggestions on offer, it was again difficult to choose the winners.

I especially liked Perturbed Turtle (an inadvertent suggestion from my blogfriend, Jeremiah), Live Underwear (credit to my new drinking buddy, Crazy Chris - there's a reason why we call him that), Xanadu Express, Rogue Mail, Candy Rabbit, Tighten Your Belts, Funktathlon, The Hip-Hop Replacements, Gnome Alone, Caste Party, and the wonderful, wonderful Billion Dollar Brian (I do hope that wasn't just a typo, Gary).

And I almost feel there ought to be a special prize (or a new category?) for Gary's creation of The Ale Marys - "a beer-drinking folk trio of former nuns".

I was very tempted to once again award the 1st place to my old friend Snopes for another wonderful spoonerism: Dane Breath (marvellously appropriate, as he says, for a Heavy Metal band - who so often seem to "feature large Scandinavian gentlemen of doubtful personal hygiene").

However, after being bridesmaid-rather-than-bride for the first two months of this competition, I feel I really must honour Gary this time; and I think he gave us a more-than-worthy winner in Freudian Sloop (a Ship of Fools? Or a Ship of Tools? Hmm, either of those might work as band names.....).

Actually, it's going to be a clean sweep for Gary this month, since he also takes the prize for 'Best Foreign Band Name' with the (not entirely in a foreign language, but never mind - it's brilliant) Desperate Messieurs. OK, that was the only entry in this category this month - but I think it would have been a deserved winner in any company.

Snopes had a fine 'Best Cover Band' nomination with The Ersatz Eagles (I feel sure they must already exist....), but Gary trumped that with Just Can't Kill The Beast. I really can't think of a better name for an Eagles cover band. Gary, you deserve extra brownie points for definitiveness.

And on top of all this, we have yet another potential new category starting up for Dalai Lama puns...... although I feel that probably has rather limited mileage. But hey, prove me wrong.

I hope the suggestions will keep flowing. The original thread is now very near to 100 comments - way more than any other post of mine on either of my blogs (in fact, probably very near as many as the total number of comments on all my other posts combined!). So, I hope we can burst through that threshold soon - and keep on going.

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