Saturday, May 17, 2008

April's Band Name winners

A late, but typically excellent entry from the indefatigable Gary carries the honours for last month in the ongoing (on-limping?) Possible Band Names competition.

Wimplunch, Bad Habits (later rebranded as Bored Hobbits!), The Faster Pussycats, The Rehab Junkies, Giant Rabbit Delusion, and The Ganja Four (a Chinese reggae band, what else?) were all fine suggestions, but I think I'll give the prize this time to Empire Of The Senseless (does anyone know what that would be in Japanese?).

My old friend Snopes nearly snuck the victory with another great pun, Cat As Trophy. He also continued his fine run of spoonerisms with Gassy Clowns. And he cheekily suggested The Dilettantes as a band name for myself and The Bookseller!

For Best Foreign Band Name, I really liked my own suggestion of Ajīl-e Moshkel-Goshā (The Problem-Solving Nuts in Persian - explanation in this post), but I fear Gary has trumped me with the beautiful simplicity of Contretemps (why does everything sound so good in French?? Mind you, I bet there is a band of this name...).

For Best Cover Band, Gary offered us Led Balloon, but I think I prefer Snopes's Blunderwall. However, I am reluctant to award any honours to anything connected with the execrable Oasis, so I give the prize instead to another Snopesism - Dazed Dan (Confused)........ a one-man Led Zep tribute outfit??

Please keep playing. We are still awaiting Comment No. 100 on the thread.

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