Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I was late for work.

Rather badly late.

This is only the the third or fourth time I have overslept like this in China, and the first for quite a few years. The first time ever, I think, that I have inconvenienced my recording studio employers (and my recording partner, Dishy Debs) in this way.

Considering my wild lifestyle, I suppose one might expect it to be a more regular hazard; but in fact, I am a good early riser. Indeed, I am somewhat plagued by the compulsion to leap out of bed at 7am, no matter how late and drunk I may have retired the night before. The tiredness tends to ambush me later in the day - 4pm: instant coma.

On Monday night, I went to bed before 1am (a fact I wasn't quite confident of, but was able to verify by checking the receipt from my taxi ride home). I slept like a log until 10am. I was supposed to have been in the studio by 9.30am. Worrying.

Then again, I had suffered a minor insomniac episode the night before, and got hardly any sleep at all. And I had gone to bed at 2am or 3am on each of the previous four or five nights (and got up again before 8am each day!). I suppose it catches up with you.

This week, I think, I must treat myself to a few 'early nights'.


Tih said...

Hhhmmm, am actually only posting a comment to say your blog is Fantastic!

I accidentally stumbled upon it while doing some research on internet (yeah, I know, must have had some strange key words to have stumbled onto the Round-The-World Barstool Blues) and having read it sporadically, my gloomy day has improved immensely.

I live a sort of an expat’s life in Prishtina, Kosovo (the youngest country in the world), and can relate to many of the expat community stories with gusto, particularly those involving tequila. If only I had a shred of your wit and ability to write with charming frankness, I would give a few episodes.

But anyhow, look forward to reading more.

Froog said...

Gosh, a new fan! I am touched.

And from Kosovo, too. Slowly but surely I am ticking off every country in the atlas. (That's "ticking off" as in 'completing a checklist' rather than as in 'annoying the crap out of' - though I'm probably doing that too.)

I hope you'll join in our favourite bar names and favourite band names threads, TIH.

Froog said...

My dear TIH, we haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're still reading.

And I hope you're still taking 'comment notification' from this thread, because I don't know any other way to reach you.

I am planning to do a Year-End Review - reprinting some of my best posts from the past year over the Christmas holidays, so I don't have to worry too much about writing new stuff.

I'd be very glad if could drop me a line (leaving another comment here is fine) telling me about a favourite post of yours - from either blog.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Christmas!