Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Am I just an 'Inbetweenie'??

Reflecting on yesterday's post where I complained of how none of Beijing's bars really seem to suit me, it occurs to me that The Goodies may have identified my problem some 35 years ago, with their song The Inbetweenies (I think, perhaps, their very first single).

I do find the younger crowd rather crass and vacuous these days; but I'm not yet ready to join the ranks of the middle-aged expats, who really are a bunch of sadsacks, for the most part. I suppose my official age (I wonder if He Kexin would tell me where she gets her passports made) puts me in that middle-aged bracket now, but in my head and heart I still feel much younger (twenty-somethings these days, alas, don't seem to have much to say, or at least not anything that I can comprehend or take much interest in). I try to position myself mostly with the still-zestful mid-30s/early-40s segment of the population..... but that's a fairly slender demographic.

Anyway, here's The Goodies' song. I couldn't find them performing it on Top Of The Pops, but this is a good recording - accompanying an amusing montage of micro-clips of Graeme Garden (the 'boffin' member of the trio) from the show.

Now, sing along with me:

Too old (too old!)- to be a teenage idol!
Too young (too young!) - to be a mother's pet!
Are we (are you?) - just the Inbetweenies
Everyone tries to forget?

I also rather like the later line:

Oh, we can compete with the best
So long as you give us a rest.

You might also want to check out (oh, the bizarreness of YouTube!) this version of the song, lip-synced uncannily convincingly with a Japanese high school anime.

This, by the way, was Post No. 800 here on The Barstool. They just keep on coming, don't they?


The Lunch said...

Surely: too old to rock and roll, too young to die? You're the "Jethro Tull" generation!

Froog said...

Never too old to rock and roll! Look at Jimmy Page.