Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here I go, promoting ZIYO again....

There still seems to be very little Chinese rock music on YouTube - and what there is, is very hard to find. And usually of quite abysmal sound quality.

One of my favourite Beijing bands, Ziyo, have recently joined YouTube, but so far they've only posted two videos (Retro Disaster and Helter Skelter, from a performance earlier this year at MAO Live House) - OK, but the sound still isn't very crisp. Come on, guys, a little more attention to self-promotion, please. It surely can't be that hard to hire some half-way decent video (and audio-recording) equipment for the evening and produce a professional-quality 'official bootleg'? Is this really as good as we're going to get??

Of all the videos I've found of them so far (and, on top of the perennial perversity of YouTube's search function, it really doesn't help that they apparently share their name with some East European rock act!), I think I prefer this (although the sound is fairly ropey) - probably the catchiest of all their songs, Indie Rock Is Dead!, a nice balance of tunefulness and raging energy, always a particularly committed performance from sexy frontwoman Helen Feng, some interesting transitions..... and A MASSIVE HOOK! (Honestly, I defy you not to be humming this to yourself after one listen. If you want to hear a cleaner version, click on the audio file of it on their MySpace page.)

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