Friday, August 08, 2008

A prisoner of my childhood

"It's Friday, it's five to five, and it's......."

Well, it's very nearly time to be wandering over to dear old Room 101 to get stoked on the cheap.....

I do hope Olly has managed to get the new satellite gear hooked up so that we'll have a chance to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony with some English commentary.

New laowai blues-rock combo Mr Mojo are supposed to be playing later as well. They seriously rocked the joint when they played there two or three weeks back, so I'm looking forward to that (although I guess they won't be able to get started until Zhang Yimou's finished doing his thing - how long is that going to take?).

Right now, I'm trying to chase the blues away and get myself energised for the evening with a quick blast of (my favourite Chinese band) Ziyo's EP. Good stuff.

I'll leave it to my University confreres The Cowboy and The Swordsman (or perhaps Little Anthony or Mothman..... or even the long dormant Bookseller?) to explain the opening reference.


Froog said...

So good, in fact, that the downstairs neighbour complained. He has not taste.

And it wasn't that loud either. Bastard!

Froog said...

And I think I have to stop describing my movements quite so explicitly on here. My cherished 'anonymity' is in danger.

Oh yes, and I'm being stalked.