Sunday, August 31, 2008

The wonderful world of Chinglish

I just posted this little item on Froogville about Tsingtao beer's special Olympic website,

It's worth giving a shout on here as well, I think, since, well, beer is one of my major topics over here on the Barstool. And also Chinglish.

You see, despite the fact that Tsingtao is now an international company (strategic partnership with that other great producer of gassy horse piss, Budweiser, so I believe), with millions, perhaps billions of dollars in annual revenue, and is increasingly seeking to sell its products all around the world.... for this major Olympics-related online promotional effort it has spent not one cent on having a native English speaker (or even a competent non-native speaker) polish the copy on the "English-language version" of the website. The English is just horrendous; but amusingly so - it's worth spending a minute or two looking around the site, for the cheap belly-laughs it will afford. (Correction: There is actually some decent English on the site [although occasionally prone to a certain floridness of style: check out the 'History of the Olympics' section!], although it's a struggle to get to it since the titles and menus are so bad. And my jibe that the company had spent "not one cent" on native-speaker polishing may in fact be true: I know one of the guys that contributed to this, and I gather he hasn't been paid yet!)

The banner that greets you when you first click on 'English' is the comprehension-defying:
"Chinese never have condensation like this time."



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... and scrolling down takes you up.

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You're being even more elliptical than usual, Lunch.