Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kro's Nest is back?

Apparently so - the Workers' Stadium outlet of this new-ish Chinese-owned pizza emporium (they have two others, but I've never been to either of them - not in such sociable locations!) is supposedly open for business again, after its unfathomable closure by the authorities during the Olympics. Originally it had been said that these closures would remain in force until the end of this month (to demonstrate that the Paralympics are just as "secure" as the main event?), but it seems that our Communist masters have relented slightly on that. The whole thing was ridiculous and unjustifiable in the first place; I strongly suspect the real motive behind it was commercial - to try to open up some potential custom for the (still rather underused) "special" venues that opened just for the Olympics, like The Bud House and Club P (it was rather conspicuous that enviably well-guanxi-ed The Den was about the only bar in that vicinity to escape the axe - whilst The Pavilion, almost identical in business profile [arguably rather classier!] and in proximity to the Olympic venue, fell within the ban). Ah, but now the corrupt cadres put on an empty show of munificence by not screwing us over quite as badly as they had threatened to. Whoop-de-doo!

I wonder if the resurrected Kro's is still doing its 'We HATE Tuesdays!' promotion (free/cheap local draught beer all night)? A gaggle of the usual suspects are heading down there to investigate.

I'd love to join them, but I'm feeling like shit today - the third or fourth in a sequence of debilitating colds I've suffered in the last month or so.

Maybe next week.......

Anyway, welcome back, Kro's Nest. We missed you this past 6 weeks.

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