Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night was a big SMS night. Here are some of the surreal highlights.

"Wedding in Dalian? Sounds like the next Feng Xiaogang film!"

"I think I'll pass. The last time I went on a 12hr bender with him, I lost my i-Phone. I'm still traumatized."

"I wonder if insurance payouts on lost i-Phones triggered the world banking collapse?" "No. I think it was my bar tab."

(Another friend serendipitously entered the 'conversation') "From a Japanese newspaper: Why would anyone want to use an i-Phone? The technology is so 1998." The i-Phone fetishist: "Nonsense! The i-Phone is deeply sexy, in a way that the Japanese can only associate with tentacles." Me: "Or self-mutilation, or schoolgirls?"

"I've invited most of the Pool Bar regulars to my party on Monday. My plan is to try to get them more drunk than me. It is a flawed plan, I realise."

"I can crochet you a new pair of smalls!" "Oh, come on - who crochets any more? Don't they have nanobots to do that now?" "You're right... Probably only dorks still crochet. But I, on the other hand, am COOL... That's why I knit. So, the offer's still on the table." "Nanobots can knit! I think that's a band name..." "If it isn't, it should be..."

And so on. A crazy night.

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