Sunday, January 18, 2009

A favourite metaphor revisited

I was swapping bar recommendations with an acquaintance last night, and I was reminded of the notion that occurred to me a couple of years ago that my relationship with a bar is very like that with a girlfriend. I am a ploddingly monogamous sort of chap. I soon get sentimentally attached, and find it almost unthinkable to bestow my affections elsewhere as well. To do so would be downright dishonourable (or perhaps just too exhausting?). There might be a number of bars that I see 'as friends', but, for me, there can only ever be one special one at a time.

Such veneration of your favourite bar is, I acknowledge, probably somewhat misguided, certainly woefully one-sided. Your bar is a complete slut: she'll show anybody a good time. You never know how she's carrying on with your friends when you're not there. You really ought to hang out in other bars once in a while, to punish her, make her realise how much she needs you.

Oh dear, I think this metaphor is spinning out of control.....

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