Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Last night's text message highlights

To Dapper Dan, the last of my would-be quiz team, in a vain attempt to discourage him from resiling from the plan to compete on the grounds that our chances of victory would be slim as a pair:

"It's not about the winning, it's about the drinking."

To the Choirboy, upon learning that he is trying to save money by staying in this week and can only be enticed out for "cultural" events:

"I call this piece 'Stamping on braincells'. Artistic enough for you?"

To the Weeble, when he complimented me on the "wisdom" of my assumption that he would be at least half an hour late for a promised rendezvous:

"If I were wise, I would not have imbibed 5 pints of Stella these past two hours."

And so it goes......


Anonymous said...

Good god you post a lot. I have just moved to Ningbo - where John Ottway perversely gigged, remember? - and feel a need to get settled before I post anything. But anyroad, do check out this blog

if you haven't come across it already. The comments section on "Under the Literary Influence" was particularly edifying and Froog-esque I thought.

Froog said...

There is a correlation between the richness of our lives and the amount we write about it. It is inverse, I fear.

I belive Otway never got to Ningbo, or anywhere else on the planned 'World Tour'.

I have dreams of setting up a gig in Beijing's MAO Live House for him. Maybe, maybe....