Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goals & objectives

I completed the '12 x 12' challenge this Saturday just past - a whole day of drinking, noon to midnight, in the cosy confines of the 12 Square Metres bar.

I had feared it was going to be a day of pathetically solo drinking, but..... well, several friends - and friends of friends - looked in for spells here and there; so, after mid-afternoon, I was never completely unaccompanied, and mostly had quite a good gaggle of supporters around me to encourage my over-indulgence. In total, I think, there were something like 15 or 16 other people who put in an appearance - comparable to the notorious NLG bar crawl of a few weeks back.

It was a splendid day - although I have been uncomfortably AWARE of my liver ever since.

Perhaps the hourly - or half-hourly - shots in the later stages of the evening were not such a good idea.

Perhaps going to another bar afterwards and staying up half the night was not such a good idea (as with the NLG crawl, it ended up being about 16 hours of drinking rather than just 12!).

Time for a little spell of abstinence again soon, I think. Soon..... but not quite yet.

I have other plans in mind for this week...... After all, what is life without some goals & objectives??


Alex said...

Hey, now that Super Bar Street is going to be torn down at the end of the week (power will be cut from Tim's Texas Roadhouse on Sunday @ 6pm), wouldn't it be exciting to have a Pre-Apocolypitic bar hop through some of the seediest bars in Beijing. The wrecking ball is coming, and our children will likely never hear of bars like Boiling Tribe, Lake Land, or Afro Arena. My challenge to you is to get a writeup for posterity before these rat-holes get chai'ed.

Froog said...

Don't think I haven't thought of it.

On my preliminary recce the other week, I found that one of the bars there is also a tattoo parlour. That could be dangerous.