Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy discovery, unhappy timing

A couple of days ago, I discovered a likely new favourite place in my "second home" of Alexandria (Virginia, USA) - the Royal Restaurant, at the corner of Royal St and Madison St.

It's a traditional corner diner: cosy booth seating or counter stools, uncomplicated menu of American standards like steaks and burgers and hotdogs, friendly service, and (I surmise) always well-populated - but not to the point of you needing to wait in line to get a seat. Huge portions and very reasonable prices. It boasts it's been in business since 1904 (although the building currently housing it doesn't look to me as if it's more than 20 or 30 years old); a much-loved local institution... for those in the know.

Oh yes, a great little place. I can't think how - in my 8 or 10 previous visits over the last 15 years - I've never come across it before. Just my luck to discover it only 48 hours before I'm leaving! I'll definitely be back next time.

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