Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A drinking game for the holidays

I've been stuck indoors with a cold for most of the last four or five days, and thus subjecting myself to an overdose of the risibly bad state-run English TV channel, CCTV-9.
Of course, during this period of celebrating the 60th year of the founding of the People's Republic, there is even more happy-clappy, isn't-everything-in-China-absolutely-spiffing programming than usual.
If you're bored, and fancy getting high, I suggest you down a shot every time you hear the words 'prosperity' or 'prosperous' on CCTV-9.
A word of warning, though: don't try this during BizChina, or you'll destroy your liver in half an hour!


Gary said...

Oh man, I gotta try this! I have CCTV9 on cable now.

Froog said...

Hi, Gary. Nice to hear from you again, after so long.

Be careful with this one. If you catch one of the 'special reports' on Tibet or Xinjiang (or Guangxi, or Anhui, or....), you could be in big trouble.