Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think that would be a great t-shirt slogan for China.
I wonder if the chaps at Plastered or NLGX would be interested?
You see, my friend, Dr Manhattan (who appears to have been to most of the universities in the American North-East, or at any rate to have collected sportswear from most of them), has a sweatshirt with NYU on it (short for New York University, of course).  The first time I saw him wear it, I couldn't help wishing that the second string team in one of their major sports would produce a shirt of their own - with this emblazoned on the chest.  Just so that they could amuse all their Chinese - or Chinese year-abroad experienced - friends.
Explanations later, in the comments - if called for.


The Nas said...

I need the explanation but that may be just because I'm slow...

The Nag said...

Apologies for the name typo.

Froog said...

Oh, darn - I thought for a moment I had acquired a new fan from the Muslim world.

Niu bi (pron. - more or less - nyoh bee) is a term of vigorous approbation, especially (but not exclusively) favoured in the rock music scene here.

bi means the female genitalia, and niu means a cow. This is an odd formation; although I suppose it is akin to the English expression The Dog's Bollocks (equally unfathomable in its origin).

I have the feeling that The Dog's is a relatively recent coinage, popularised by Viz magazine in the late 80s, early 90s. But then again, perhaps I just led a very sheltered early life.

Froog said...

This observation on the Dr's odd collection of casual wear a provokes wistful romantic recollection. The great love of my life, The Evil One, had been on a debating tour of the US a year or two before I met her; and she had an even more extensive range of college sweatshirts - some of them gifts from host institutions, many of them 'trophies' from her romantic conquests on the trip. Most of them were far too big for her, although I found it rather cute the way the cuffs hung down over her hands and the waistbands reached half-way to her knees. Rather sexy, in fact. She gave one or two of them to me. I still have them somewhere - Willamette and Brown.