Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The sly evil of the DPRK

Christmas is starting early this year.

I thought I heard Christmas songs on the subway yesterday - but in fact it was just the oddly tinselly patriotic jingle "Ai wo Zhongguo!" But there are other signs, too - the first Christmas decorations going up in stores. Mincemeat appearing in Jenny Lou's. Snow.

And the Koryo Christmas Party! It's always one of the earliest parties of the season (and most foreigner-organised Christmas bashes are early, because so many expats quit the country for the holiday itself), but I've just received notification that this year it's going to be nearly a week before the end of November - before Thanksgiving!!

What's more, they've picked the day I'm planning to move apartments.

The folks who run this boutique travel company (specialising in tours to North Korea) are old friends of mine, and I can't help thinking they might have chosen this date just to piss me off.

Well, your dastardly plan is not going to work, gentlemen (and ladies): oh, no - I will not be discouraged from attending the most alcoholic event of the year. Absolutely not.

I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I go home in a brain-fogged stupor... go to the old apartment by mistake.... have to sleep on a bare mattress.... 'redecorate' the bathroom, only hours before I'm due to return the keys to the landlord....

Yes, yes, it could get UGLY. But that's a risk I'm prepared to take.

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