Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Traffic Report - the blog stats for October

Wow - October was something of a bumper month! Hardly surprising, perhaps, given that ill-health and under-employment kept me at home for so much of it.

There were 52 posts and 17,000 words on Froogville.

There were 40 posts and very nearly 12,000 words on Barstool Blues.

And that's without attempting to tally up all the comments I wrote (on my own blogs and elsewhere). I could have written a novel in that time! Well, half a novel, anyway.

Let's hope I can cut back a bit from that output this month, since that would assuredly be a sign of much-improved financial and mental health.

However, glancing back over those 90 posts, I do feel it was a month of considerable quality as well as quantity.

My post on favourite openings of novels (reader contributions encouraged) seems likely to become a long-running 'collecting box' feature, and I must soon promote it to a spot in my sidebar. I was also quite pleased with the piece on My philosophy of teaching and my recent Halloween collection of micro ghost stories.

Meanwhile on The Barstool, there were important posts about my theory of Beer Equivalence and the essential ingredients of a good sports bar (all sadly lacking in Beijing!).

Nothing interesting to report on the readership this time, I'm afraid. Google Analytics is determinedly unforthcoming about the geographical origins of my visitors, and - usually much more fun and informative on this - Statcounter seems to be down at the moment. If you are looking in from an exotic corner of the world, please leave me a comment to say hi.

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