Sunday, January 31, 2010


Some people are starting to wonder if I am in fact nothing more than an alter ego of Beijing Boyce.

They point out that we live an apparently similar lifestyle (too much time in bars!) and write broadly similar blogs (well, not that similar: I like to think that mine is funnier; but his is, admittedly, more useful).

And they are starting to suspect a telling significance in the fact that we are never seen together.

I insist you shouldn't read too much into that. I am a Gulou guttersnipe, whereas Boyce is a trendy Eastsider. He rarely comes west of Gongti, whereas I seldom stray east of Guijie. Never the twain....

However, just lately..... well, we seem to have been missing each other very narrowly, again and again - rather like the Red Arrows (the UK's - and probably the world's - premier formation-flying aerial display team).

I gather, for example, that he showed up at the re-opening night at 12 Square Metres a week ago, only moments after I'd left.... and then migrated to nearby MaoMaoChong, again just minutes behind me. The very next day, he was arriving at Fubar just as I left. And then on Tuesday - Australia Day - he once again appeared at 12 Square uncannily close on the heels of my departure.

I'm beginning to think he's stalking me.....

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