Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gourmet Night

Realising that Dr Manhattan would be leaving us shortly, a month or so back JK suggested that we should make the most of his remaining time with us by serially introducing him to some of the city's 'fine dining' experiences.

What he had in mind, in fact, was an occasional night out of riotous excess - with quantity-for-money rather than culinary finesse being our priority. Well, protracted and excessive consumption of alcohol - after getting a good stomach lining in at the start of the evening - is really the main aim.

So far, we've done Mexican, Japanese (I missed that one), Brazilian (one of those awful Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet versions of a Brazilian barbecue grill: pretty terrible food, but it was cheap, and there was a lot of meat!), and Russian (best of the lot so far: a surprisingly good all-you-can-eat - and all-you-can-drink! - buffet for only 88 kuai). We should be on for our 5th outing tonight (though we originally dubbed them 'Gluttony Thursdays', we've evolved a pretty flexible approach to which night we go for this).

Dr Manhattan - though well capable of extreme gourmandising - used to be a chef in one of his past lives, and so may perhaps occasionally hanker after something a little more upmarket.... but massive portions for relatively little money are the keynote of these evenings, dammit. If he starts trying to get fancy on us, I may have to ask for salad cream.

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