Friday, January 29, 2010

HBH 167

Knowing what will be,
Seeing future as present -
Perfect state of calm.

Really 'in the zone' on the pool table for a while last night. The mojo - she is back (at least, intermittently).


The Nag said...

Play lots of pool while the mojo is there. Are there any beermats to throw for dogs?

Froog said...

No dogs.

Just as well, since the only dogs in Beijing are the small, yappy variety.

Well, we have a house dog in 12 Square Metres now, but only very occasionally - she's hard to transport to and from, and still a bit too puppyishly overexcitable for some of the customers; might become a more regular fixture when she's grown up and calmed down a little (only about 5 or 6 months old, fox terrier).

Froog said...

I think I was just - briefly - in that ideal state of drunkenness on Thursday.... having necked a couple of very strong Margaritas at the Mexican restaurant over the road first. For the first few games I was awesome, but then....

The Nag said...

Ah - that ideal state of inebriation for pool wicih is very hard to achieve - enough booze to be relaxed etc., but not too much because then it all starts going wrong.