Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Innovative marketing ploy

I just stumbled upon this story online:

A NIGHTCLUB in Singapore is offering free drinks to women according to the cup size of their bra, reports China Press.

The OverEasy nightclub came out with the idea to attract customers by organising the event themed “Fill My Cups.”

It is said that those with A cup would get one free drink while those with B cup would get two glasses.

Those who wore C cup would receive three drinks.

Women with D cup would be given a bottle of alcoholic drink worth S$168 (RM408).

The daily said the “special offer” has drawn mixed reactions with some seeing it as a creative marketing gimmick while others felt offended and said they would not support such an event.

"Mixed reactions", indeed!

I wonder if Chad Lager over at Fubar might be tempted by such a promotion? He's still a little concerned that his Gongti basement 'speakeasy' is proving more of a draw for the guys than the gals, and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to entice the ladies in.

I do hope not. This is horribly sexist. (And size-ist. And boob-ist. And a whole bunch of other -ists and -isms that I wouldn't want to associate myself with.) Chad, if you're reading this.... I was only joking; don't go there, please. A regular 'Ladies' Night' would be just fine.

I do rather like the name of that promotion, though....

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