Monday, January 11, 2010

Pool Party

Not quite the weather at the moment for that type of thing, you might think.

Indeed not. And I've never been a big fan of the poolside, anyway. When it comes to the arts of natation, I seem to have an overdeveloped aptitude for moving through water downwards, but the other directions quite defeat me.

No, of course, with me it would be the other kind of pool - the game of ball and cue.

New Dad, my long-time Pool Bar nemesis (we haven't played in the PB for a while; but lately his record against me in neighbourhood pool halls has been getting more and more humiliatingly dominant; time was when I could always take one game in three from him, but that's slipping to one game in five... or one game in seven or eight; last time we'd played, actually, I think I only managed one win in about twelve - my mojo is at the bottom of the sea), has recently purchased a family home out in one of the far northern 'burbs...... and he has set up his own pool room on the top floor. Lucky, lucky bastard! (Well, that's it: we're all doomed now. With the ability to practice daily, he's going to become unstoppable.)

This Saturday he was kind enough to invite a bunch of his pool-playing mates around for an extended afternoon/evening of laddish self-indulgence: beer, fast food, teasing each other about our sex lives (or lack thereof), and pool, pool, pool.

Enormous fun! I hope he'll invite us again soon. But, man, I really need to work on my game in the meantime - I'm not giving anyone much of a challenge at the moment.

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