Thursday, February 04, 2010

Food of the Gods

Olly Stedall over at Ginkgo has added pork scratchings to the menu - as a bar snack, at just 5 kuai (I don't suppose you get very many for that, but still....).

If they're anything like as good as those pictured here (and on the Ginkgo website, where we learn the interesting fact that the Dutch word for this tasty treat is knabbelspek - which, of course, sounds to me like a band name!), I'll definitely be giving them a go.

However, sceptic that I am, I was inclined to doubt whether Olly had snapped his own scratchings (fnnnarrggh, fnnnarggh) for the advertisement, and..... indeed not, no: the photograph appears to come from this food blog, along with the recipe. No matter - perhaps the Ginkgo ones look (and taste) even better??

Hmmm, just typing this is making my mouth water.....

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