Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost days

It all started with that darned housewarming party. Well, really, it began even before that: I was so crazily busy for three days beforehand - planning, shopping, cleaning, cooking - that I wasn't getting much sleep. Putting this much effort into a party is emotionally draining, and I'm not sure if I have it in me any more.

Then, of course, there was the after-party. And the after-after-party. And the after-after-after-party..... I didn't make it home until dawn.

Then - unwisely - I ended up having a huge hair-of-the-dog night at 12 Square Metres on Sunday.... and once again stayed up until past midnight (in the hope that CCTV5 would be showing the Chelsea v. Arsenal game live, but they weren't).

Then, of course, I rolled out of bed at 6am to go and watch the Superbowl at Luga's Villa...... and the storming Saints victory (first time I can remember for quite a while that the team I was pulling for managed to win!) led to another all-day partying session. And I mean all day: I didn't get home until after dawn the next day (I think that has probably eclipsed the epic day-long drinking spree I got into with Big Frank on Superbowl day four years ago). I tried to restrict myself to a couple of catnaps during the day, because I wanted to avoid getting my bio-rhythms completely Weeble-ized (my friend The Weeble is a translator; and, for some reason, translators just don't sleep at normal times); but by mid-afternoon I'd lapsed into a coma on the sofa..... Waking early evening, I thought - hoped - just for a moment that it might still be Monday. Er, no.

Sort of getting back in the right 'timezone' now, but still exhausted. Where did this week go??

I am getting too old for this shit. But.... GO, Saints!!!!!!

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