Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Something for the weekend

Good news and bad news (twice over). The good news - Alan Paul, founder of popular blues outfit Woodie Alan, is back in town for while, and getting the band back together for a gig this Saturday. The bad news - it's at The Orchard! (Nice enough place, and very convenient for people who live in the upscale laowai ghetto of Shunyi in the shadow of the 6th [or is it the 7th??] Ringroad..... but absolutely miles away, hard to get to [and nearly impossible to get back from] for us city-centre-dwellers.)

More (rival) good news - fun funksters The Verve and extended drumming troupe Afrokoko Roots are headlining a big gig to commemorate Bob Marley's birthday this Saturday (he would have been 65 this year). The bad news - it's at Yugong Yishan (which offends me more with each visit: increasingly high door fees, increasingly shitty drinks, same old dismal acoustics, same old predominantly foreign clientele).

Tempting possibilities, but..... I think I shall be having to make my own entertainment.

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