Tuesday, March 30, 2010

THE COIN in action

The other day I introduced you to THE COIN.

Many have expressed a curiosity as to how this superstitious frivolity of mine works in practice. Allow me to demonstrate.

It's a miserable rainy day, I don't have very much money, I slept badly last night, and I still have a HUGE editing job to try to get done tomorrow. However, I am feeling that I deserve a bit of a break, haven't been out seriously on the lash since last Tuesday....

So, hmmm, difficult to make a decision.

Should I stay in or go out?

THE COIN says..... go out.

Should I start late or early?

THE COIN says.... early.

Aha! And should I drink moderately or excessively?

THE COIN says.... excessively.

And should I stick to my home turf of Nanluoguxiang or head over to Sanlitun?

THE COIN says....

Well, you get the idea. I'm not going to tell you everything.
This isn't StalkMe.com!

[I should reiterate you may only ask THE COIN 'Heads or tails?' It is most impertinent to seek to ask THE COIN detailed questions about your life choices.

In this article, I was merely illustrating how the outcome of tossing THE COIN determined which of my two options I had to follow on each occasion. I held these options fixedly in my mind, but I did not presume to address them to THE COIN. Oh no. If THE COIN is encumbered by the knowledge of the consequences of its answer, THE COIN may not be able to enjoy its flight-and-tumble freely - it may be inhibited, it may give false answers. Keep your real questions to yourself. Just ask 'Heads or tails?']

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