Friday, April 09, 2010

Brief notes

Beijing Boyce has been running a contest this week for 'thumbnail reviews' of Beijing bars and restaurants, Twitter-style, in 140 characters or less. I famously disapprove of this Twitter nonsense, but... it's a bit of fun, and there's booze to be won.

Well, there's no actual judgement of merit; each contribution earns you one spot in a random draw for prizes. The 'competition' is supposed to remain open until 5pm today if you want to try your luck.

Here are my efforts:

No longer accurate, but not misleading: 12 Square Metres trebled in size, but still cosiest, friendliest bar in BJ – with best whisky shelf!

Owner Shaun in a permanent stupor; guest barman Pat works Tuesday magic; an antique typewriter and a policeman’s cap meet at Tryst.

Hidden in a hutong, newcomer Mao Mao Chong has Beijing’s chewiest pizza dough and its best cocktails.

Coolest man in Beijing invites you into his cosy courtyard home, plays Tom Waits and Jacques Brel, pours a huge single malt for 50rmb: Amilal.

Apothecary is Beijing’s smuggest bar: a service charge for poor service, high prices for weak drinks, and a snooty management.

An unnecessary apostrophe; but a good space and a friendly welcome make The Smuggler’s the best of the cheap dives.

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