Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charity Concert

There was to have been a benefit gig at new eastside venue Mako Live tonight, to raise money for earthquake relief efforts in the area around Yushu in Qinghai.

However, since the government has decreed a national day of mourning today, the event has had to be put back to tomorrow evening - Thursday 22nd.

My favourite Beijing musician Xiao He (who I haven't heard for far too long now) is supposed to be headlining, and also featured will be Jianghu regular Zhou Yunpeng and a bunch of other leading figures in the Chinese "folk" scene.

I, alas, shall be otherwise engaged with The Chairman - but it should be an interesting concert, and it's for a good cause: I heartily encourage people to go (such few readers as I may have, readers in Beijing).

[Hat-tip to 'Ruby' for forwarding me the link.]

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