Sunday, April 25, 2010

A flip too far?

My post on beermat flipping last week led me (well, yet another hat-tip, of course, to the indefatigable JES) to the sport's shrine site, - where I learned that Mr Jim Haysom (clearly one of the Great British Eccentrics) is today going to attempt to set a new world record for beermat flipping: flipping a stack of of 25 mats wherever he can find an opportunity, almost twice every minute, for the five or six hours that it takes him to run the London Marathon! 15,000 flipped beermats is the total he's gunning for (having wisely scaled back from an initial goal of over 1 million!).

Good luck, Jim!! There is still time to sponsor him.

1 comment:

Froog said...

I haven't yet been able to discover if Mr Haysom succeeded in this attempt.

I noticed that the original post about this on the BeerMatFlipping website was dated April 1st, but it didn't feel like an April Fool's joke: it was written up in a lot of other places too, and the guy was soliciting sponsorship.

I must go and have another Google...