Friday, April 16, 2010

I'd rather be square than FourSquare

I see indications that - as I predicted a month ago - the FourSquare fad is waning, its bubble about to burst.

The worldwide FourSquare Day today has a scent of desperation about it: a last-ditch promotional ploy to try to generate some fresh momentum for an idea that's very nearly dead on its feet.

Some of my younger, more tech-friendly acquaintances are planning to join the 'tweet-up' (dread word; no, silly, silly, silly word!) in Sanlitun this evening, which will climax in Fubar's quixotic attempt to garner the highest total of simultaneously 'signed-in' FourSquare users of any bar in the world (a goal they could only conceivably achieve if hundreds of people sign in without actually being there!). I hope they have a jolly evening; and I wish Chad well in the pursuit of his crazy dream at Fubar - but wild horses wouldn't get me anywhere near this event.

I sincerely hope that by the end of this summer we won't be hearing any more about this FourSquare nonsense.

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