Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pranks and parodies

There was a pretty funny spoof of Beijing's burger-addicted barfly Jim Boyce on City Weekend last week for April Fool's Day - well worth a look if you missed it. (I wonder who was responsible for it? Not me, I assure you.)

My own modest attempt at some once-a-year spoofing seems to have gone unexposed (though the ever-shrewd Gary had his suspicions) - or perhaps just unnoticed. Well, New Media has admitted to being completely duped by it; and The British Cowboy commented on it without evidencing any scepticism (although he, of course, does not live in Beijing, so might be a little more easily forgiven his gullibility). I haven't asked anyone else yet - although The Weeble, ultra-pedant that he is, can usually be relied upon to pitch in promptly whenever he thinks he catches the scent of a rat.


The British Cowboy said...

I don't think it is a matter of gullibility. I simply posted another song title, along the lines of ones you had supplied. No indication of belief or disbelief, there.

I will also say I have been to a bar that did this with bras before.

Froog said...

Did you see I posted a few months back a news story about a Singapore nightclub offering female customers free drinks based on their bra size? They were calling it 'Fill My Cups' night! Classy!