Saturday, May 01, 2010

FREE music

Congratulations to Badr over at BeijingDaze, who's now been blogging about the Beijing music scene for one year. To celebrate, he's persuaded a number of his favourite artists to contribute a free song for you to download from his site. [Well, er, he says "download", but at present it appears you can only listen to them, not save them; but even that's pretty good. Ah, my mistake. The 'Download' buttons on the blog posts don't offer you a 'download' option, but you can download by right-clicking on them and selecting 'Save target as....' Lots more goodies promised shortly.] Good eggs thus far are Mademoiselle, ChunQiu, Black Cat Bone, and the dreamily lovely Daisy Sweetgrass (whose song, Never Lonelier, is so damned good you'll want to download it).

I hope he might soon be adding The Verse to that list. Their unplugged show at Jianghu last night was an early contender for 'Gig of the Year' - awesomely good.


BeijingDaze said...

Thank you for the kind words, mate! Much appreciated!
Actually, if you just click on the link then choose "save as" you'll get the mp3 down.
Also, you could right click the download button and choose "save target link as".
I'll make sure to add instructions to next posts and there are more goodies on the way

Froog said...

Thank you, B. Sorry, I am not very tech-savvy. And I suppose I am a bit lazy, too; I'm used to 'Download' buttons doing all the work for you - or at least offering you the download options, rather than taking you straight into a media player.

Ruby said...

Saw The Verse at Midi tonite and was sadly unimpressed! They had the crowd dancing, performing on the Pilot stage, plugged in, with all 11 members there, but the music just didn't grab me, so I left halfway through the set.

I definitely preferred the stripped down version in the more intimate setting of Jianghu. Possibly because they played my two favourite songs in a row and followed it up with the song that has a quite an emotional meaning for me. Gig of the year, maybe, I think it's a little too early to say that. I'll definitely try to catch them next time they play unplugged, but might give the plugged in shows a miss.

Froog said...

Well, you are a fickle miss, Ruby. It sounds as though this 'failure' might have been more down to your disposition than their playing. It's quite an achievement to have got the crowd dancing - particularly as they were the only band of that type to be playing on one of the big stages this year, and they're not likely to appeal to the majority of young Chinese fans who are mostly Metal-heads.