Friday, May 28, 2010


Gosh, the city's best music bar (it's not exactly a huge competition), 2 Kolegas, has made it to the 5 year mark.

Their anniversary parties over the past four years have established themselves as a reliable highlight of the musical year: indeed, I would say, they have pretty regularly deserved accolades as Gig of the Year and/or Party of the Year.

This year, rather than just having one - LONG - night of revelry (they typically go from early Saturday evening through till towards dawn on Sunday), it seems they are planning to go all weekend. The details are a bit sketchy as yet (with no substance to the City Weekend listings, for example), but it seems there are going to be formal gigs on both Friday and Saturday nights (and, according to rumour, on Sunday too - although I suspect everyone will be partied out by then), and a more haphazard programme of DJs, impromptu performances, and beer & chuanr on the lawn throughout most of the two afternoons.

Frankly, I doubt if they will ever top the exuberant celebration at the end of Year 1 (I think people were amazed - delighted, but amazed - that they had survived that long with their shambolic management style, obscure location, and inability to actually pay any of the bands most of the time), where there was a good 8 or 10 hours of music, with pretty much everyone who's anyone on the Beijing scene dropping in at some point to play twenty minutes or so.

But it looks as though they're going to do their darnedest with this 36-hour (or 48-hour, or....) marathon over this weekend. I hope the weather treats us kindly (it's been pissing with rain for the past 24 hours, but it seems - touch wood - as though the skies have cleared now).

Happy Birthday, boys!!

I feel a song coming on......

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