Thursday, May 20, 2010

Power I don't want

When The Weeble once again resorted to his (these days, far too common) excuse for not coming out last night, that he had been overdoing things the night before, some chiding was clearly in order.

"I deride your manhood," I told him. I should probably save that text message for future use.

In fact, I'd originally written "I decide your manhood", but luckily I spotted the unfortunate typo before I hit 'Send'.

That would have been a far more intimidating message, but that really is not the sort of power I would wish to yield. "No aspirations to divinity here," I reassured The Weeble (or perhaps myself...).


Ruby said...

I saw a ladies clothes shop in Chongqing last week called "Your Beauty, I Decide".

Of course I didn't enter, in fear they might decide to send me out in the Chinese idea of beauty - Hello Kitty!

Froog said...

Yes, that is a rather sinister name for an apparel shop.

I used to like the one out near the Lido (chai'd now, I think) which called itself Toggery of Recreation.