Monday, May 03, 2010

Traffic Report - the blog stats for April

Yet another month with too little work to occupy me....

On Froogville there were 47 posts and 18,000 words.

On Barstool Blues there were 37 posts and getting on for 13,000 words.

Readership numbers on Froogville seem to be on the increase (although I don't know how much faith can be placed in these statistics, since most of the people I know who read the blogs do so via a feed, and I don't think these get counted), with over 2,000 visitors last month. However, a sizeable proportion of that increase came on April 8th (and on the day or so either side of it), where I had an exceptional spike of over 300 visitors in one day. I had wondered if this might have been down to my blog-friend JES very kindly linking to me (or more specifically to my posts on the subject of Chinglish) in this post, but Google Analytics says no. As far as I can determine (I'm not a big fan of Google Analytics, and haven't really taken the trouble to familiarise myself with all of its arcane complexities), there was no special reason for this phenomenon: the patterns of usage would appear to have been exactly the same as normal - except that I got four times my usual number of visitors that day. This is a mystery which merits further investigation.

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