Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy happy Frat Boys!!

My English friend Lizzie sent me this the other day. I was going to transcribe it into my World Cup comment thread below, but...... bloody Blogger doesn't allow picture attachments in the comments. Oh well.

It is 'the English way' to be magnanimous in victory and dignified in defeat. However, being held to a draw by a shit team that you really should have steamrollered seems to be something of a grey area in this code of manners.

I really wouldn't have minded so much if I hadn't found myself watching the game in the company of several thousands of Frat Boys - who had probably never seen a game of football (or "soccer", if you must) before, and weren't paying close attention to this one, but were braying 'YOU-ESS-SAY, YOU-ESS-SAY!' very loudly throughout. It was kind of like Sanlitun's version of vuvuzelas.

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