Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I couldn't have put it better

One of my regular drinking companions down at 12 Square Metres (and an occasional haunter of these pages) has just done a guest post over on Beijing Boyce on her 5 Favourite Bars.

It is a very fine selection. Almost exactly what I might have chosen myself. Almost.

I still haven't introduced her to the stupidly pricey but agreeably uncrowded (er, empty) and most-hidden-of-the-hidden whisky bar, Lucky Man; or the 'cherry tobacco' bongs and nearly-free booze of boho backwater, Treehouse; or the familial welcome of the dive bar perfection that is the Pool Bar (where, by the way, they also have both Tom Waits and Johnny Cash on the playlist); or the I-can't-believe-that's-really-a-bar quirkiness of Thong.

She's young. She's still a newbie. Give her time.


Ruby said...

Her photo looks very familiar ... I think I've seen this girl in The Pool Bar before, although maybe asleep on one of the couches?
Is Lucky Man the Gulou branch of Ichikura? Might be worth taking her there, however I doubt it will figure on her top 5 if it's stupidly expensive.
Treehouse sounds a like a hippy hangout! I'm sure JK would NOT approve of his regulars going there. But nearly-free booze is tempting and do they really have a Tree? Is it climbable?
Ah, Thong, well that would be worth a visit, but I hear it's only open one day a year?

Froog said...

Yes, there's a tree. Not very climbable, though, because it's inside.

Thong is always wide open for me.

Lucky Man is Taiwanese rather than Japanese; and a bit less stupidly expensive than Ichikura.